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Company: Nationwide
Position: Senior Counsel
Location: Columbus, OH

Description: Independently provides deep expert advice and counsel on highly complex legal matters focusing on relationships with senior level OCLO and business leaders. Creates valuable risk management recommendations by leveraging sound risk assessment information and actively identifying and logically assessing potential legal risks in ambiguous, unique and/or the most complex business situations which have the greatest potential for significant impact to the company. Recognized by broader company and industry for expertise. May have supervisory responsibility for a small group of legal resources.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provides subject matter expertise on significant, high-risk or highly complex legal matters.  Provides the highest level of subject matter expertise for legal specialties. Regularly attends business partner meetings to better understand business processes and needs.
  • Actively identifies and logically assesses potential legal risks in ambiguous, unique and/or highly complex business situations. Creates valuable risk management/mitigation recommendations leveraging sound risk assessment information to further achievement of the most complex business objectives. Drafts necessary legal documents and develops conclusions and recommendations.
  • Regularly interacts with senior leaders in OCLO or the Company on legal matters within his or her area(s) of legal expertise. Has input into or influence on Company decision-making.
  • Creates practical and effective solutions to the most complex legal issues with no established precedent; develops creative solutions to unique legal problems. On behalf of the Company or the area of expertise, has significant interaction with persons outside of the Company.
  • Takes the lead role in matters that are highly complex, strategic or sensitive in nature.  Understands the business partner’s position and needs. Keeps senior leaders and appropriate management of Company informed of case law and new legislation, as appropriate. Considers the long-term business and strategic consequences of possible outcomes. Delivers difficult messages or news, and challenges business partners when necessary; responds to challenges to advice and counsel directly and effectively.
  • Has a broad network of established relationships both internal and external to the organization, particularly in recognized areas of subject matter expertise.
  • Works independently and may lead teams to resolve highly complex legal and organizational issues. May have management responsibility for a small group of legal resources within an area of law.
  • May supervise, assign work to and coordinate tasks, projects or assignments for other associates. May be responsible for the development, coaching, training and mentoring of individual team members.
  • Ensures compliance with approved outside counsel budget. May make outside counsel budget recommendations.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Education/Certification/Licenses: JD degree from an accredited law school. Maintains an active license in the state in which the position is located. Currently licensed as an attorney in an appropriate U.S. jurisdiction.

Experience/Skills: Legal expertise recognized company-wide and in industry. Typically has 15 or more years of relevant legal experience. May have management experience.

Has significant experience with or knowledge of one or more areas of law, complex legal practices and procedures. Project management concept and techniques. Considered a subject matter expert within his or her areas of legal expertise. Sound business acumen and knowledge of the business goals and objectives as they relate to the matter at hand.

Strong Oral and written communication skills for contacts interacting with all levels within OCLO and with business partners. Analytical ability to interpret statutes, regulations, insurance policies and other contracts. Decision-making ability to set work priorities and make recommendations. Ability to lead cross-functional projects. Ability to lead, initiate, organize and coordinate highly complex projects and/or cases. Takes the lead role in negotiations that are complex, strategic or sensitive in nature. Supervisory skills helpful. Has significant professional and/or civic involvement.

Other criteria, including leadership skills, competencies and experiences may take precedence.

Staffing exceptions to the above must be approved by the hiring manager’s leader and HR Business Partner.

Values: Regularly and consistently demonstrates the Nationwide Values and Guiding Behaviors.

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