Advancing Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) was founded in 1997 to advance the hiring, retention, and promotion of diverse attorneys in legal departments and the law firms that serve them.

While there has been good progress in many areas, diversity is still lacking at the top. Read this Washington Post article featuring President and CEO Jean Lee where she discusses MCCA’s upcoming plans to address this issue.

Help us develop the next generation of diverse lawyers by making a donation to the LMJ Scholarship program. If each one of our member attorneys donates $25, we can send 50 students to law school. Can we count on you today to give at least $25?


MCCA research recognizes and promotes diversity efforts in the legal profession.


Events that emphasize networking, professional development, education and job training.


The latest diversity and legal news.

MCCA Memberships

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) is the premier source of learning, knowledge and future-oriented research on diversity and inclusion for the legal profession. We provide resources, education, ideas and networking to enhance the power and performance of the legal community. Since 1997, MCCA members have been committed to diversity and inclusion.

Law Firm Membership

Is your law firm committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession? MCCA has a place for you. Join MCCA as a member and help your firm be better prepared to meet the expectations of top clients that demand diversity and results.


Is your in-house legal team committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession? MCCA has a place for you. Join other in-house legal departments and their general counsel who advocate for the expanded hiring, retention and promotion of minority attorneys.

MCCA Awards

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Established in 2004, the LMJ Scholarship program advances the diversity pipeline to the legal profession.


Strategically engage and enhance networking opportunities while supporting MCCA’s mission.

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