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2018 Inclusion Index Survey

Thank you to all of the organizations who participated in the Inclusion Index. This proprietary survey, developed with Russell Reynolds Associates, was created to help organizations assess company leadership, practices, and culture to create a baseline metric of inclusion and measure progress over time. Our goal is to equip senior legal executives with data to lead more inclusively, empower and better prepare rising leaders for general counsel positions.

By launching this survey, we hope to assess the diversity of leadership and opportunities for inclusion at law firms and in corporate legal departments across the country. This data will provide opportunities for us to work with leaders to share best practices and challenges in developing an inclusive workplace.

The Inclusion Index Survey is part of the new Inclusive Leader Program MCCA launched in partnership with Microsoft Corp. to address the growing need for diverse and inclusive leaders to disrupt homogeneity in legal leadership. The Inclusive Leader Program also includes an Inclusive Leadership Summit to provide opportunities for leaders to share best practices and challenges in developing an inclusive workplace.

How will this information be used?
The information provided in response to the survey questions is confidential. Individual responses are aggregated with those of other participants to create a summary report on overall trends related to D&I within the legal profession. The information provided will only be used for the purpose of this survey and can only be accessed by a handful of people involved in the survey distribution and analysis. No individual responses will be reported or shared.

The Inclusion Index is now closed.

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