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Article III LGBT Judges by President

Under the Constitution, the President appoints federal judges with the “advice and consent” of the Senate. The President usually consults senators or other elected officials concerning candidates for vacancies on the federal courts. The President’s power to appoint new federal judges is not the judiciary’s only interaction with the executive branch.

Order of Appointment

President George H.W.Bush 1989-1993

JudgeCourtCommissionLGBT/All Art. III CourtsCircuit CourtsDistrict CourtsFemale JudgesStatus
Vaughn R. Walker California (ND)11/27/198911--Retired 2/28/11

President William J. Clinton 1993-2001

JudgeCourtCommissionLGBT/All Art. III CourtsCircuit CourtsDistrict CourtsFemale JudgesStatus
Deborah BattsNew York (SD)5/9/199422-1Senior Status 4/13/12

President Barack Obama 2009-2017

JudgeCourtCommissionLGBT/All Art. III CourtsCircuit CourtsDistrict CourtsFemale JudgesStatus
James Paul OetkenNew York (SD)7/20/201133--Active
Alison Julie NathanNew York (SD)10/17/201144-2Active
Michael Walter FitzgeraldCalifornia (CD)3/15/201255--Active
Pamela K. ChenNew York (ED)3/5/201366-3Active
Michael Jerome McShaneOregon5/30/201377--Active
Nitza I. AlejandroPennsylvania (ED)6/19/201388-4Active
Todd Michael HughesFederal Circuit9/24/20139-1-Active
Judith Ellen LevyMichigan (ED)3/14/2014109-5Active
Darrin Phillip GaylesFlorida (SD)6/19/20141110--Active
Staci Michelle YandleIllinois (SD)6/19/20141211-6Active


CD - Central DistrictED - Eastern DistrictMD - Middle DistrictND - Northern DistrictSD - Southern District
WD - Western District(+) Previously appointed to federal court* Reorganized as the Court of International Trade in 1980** Transferred to the Federal Circuit in 1982*** Current Chief Judge

Data is based on information collected through July 31, 2017. To learn more about the federal courts go to

Active Article III Judges

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& Pacific Islander



Native American


Appointments by President

African-American Asian-American & Pacific Islander
Native American Hispanic/Latino


President Donald J. Trump

As of October 18, 2017, after about nine months into the Trump administration, it appears that, of the 60 nominees, only five are non-white and only 11 are female. Six of President Trump’s judicial nominees have been confirmed by the Senate, including one justice to the Supreme Court, four judges to the Courts of Appeals and two judges to districts court. All seven judges are men, six of which are white and one of Asian-American descent.


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