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2021 LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee

Special thank you to the 2021 LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee, for your support and commitment to help MCCA build a diverse pipeline of students who will become the leaders of tomorrow.

How can you support the diversity pipeline? Become an MCCA member, donate to the LMJ Scholarship, offer an internship or mentor a scholarship student. Check out our Scholarship Donation FAQs.

Lauren Anderson

Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP

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“My family immigrated to this country many years ago now. Through hard work they were able to support me in achieving my dreams of becoming a lawyer. I am grateful that through my participation in the LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee I may now pay it forward and help future law students achieve their dreams.”

Diana Arredondo

Senior Corporate Counsel,, Inc.

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“As a minority in the legal field, it’s an honor to serve on the LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee and work with MCCA to move the needle and provide meaningful opportunities, support and guidance to outstanding law students from diverse backgrounds, and build a much needed pipeline to increase diversity in the legal profession.”

Kishan Barot

Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP

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“Participating in the LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee is important to me because diversity in law will not just happen by chance—practicing attorneys must put in the work.”

Charlotte Borroughs

Tech and Privacy Attorney,, Inc.

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“Education is very important, but also access to financial resources to help you obtain an education is extremely important. I have seen and heard far too many stories from promising students that had to neglect their education because of the extreme burden of tuition costs. People should not delay their education because they cannot afford to do so. Education should not be seen as a privilege, but rather a right that should be enjoyed by all. Education should not only be for a select few who can afford to do so.”

Diane Butler

Partner, Immigration Law,
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

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“I feel so honored to be able to have a glimpse into the backgrounds and aspirations of such a wide range of diverse law students. It gives me a great deal of hope for a more equitable, innovative, and progressive future in the legal profession.”

Jane Campbell

Senior Counsel, CNAEP Law and Land,
Chevron Corporation

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“I am excited to participate as part of the scholarship selection committee. As an immigrant to the US and a committed pro bono volunteer, I have observed first-hand how critical diversity and inclusion is to achieving a more equitable society, and how further we need to go. This committee is just one part of a dynamic effort to bring change to our practice and to society more generally, and I am honored to be a part of it.”

Candice Carr

Senior Corporate Counsel,
Microsoft Corporation

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“As a Caribbean immigrant, I understand the social and cultural barriers that one may face as they pursue the challenging education and career of law. Also, as a former member of Microsoft CELA African American/ Black Employee (AA/BEN) Network Steering Committee leading Diversity and Inclusion efforts to foster education, career development and leadership within our communities, I remain committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the legal industry. The MCCA Scholarship speaks to the authentic promotion of such DEI work and, as I “meet” the talented and diverse students through this process, I am excited and honored to be a part of the reviewing committee and this journey.”

Rachel Cheeks-Givan

Senior Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion Group and a member of the Legal Division D&E Steering Committee,

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“It’s my way of “giving back” to support the nurturing of our future talent pipeline and everyone has to do their part to ensure they realize their potential and fulfill their career aspirations. When I was asked to participate, I didn’t hesitate even with a full schedule. I know how a scholarship will mean to a deserving student. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Nkechi Chukwueke

Corporate Counsel,
VMware Inc.

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“As a mentor to law students for several years, participating on the LMJ Scholarship Committee is important to me because it provides me another means to help law students from diverse backgrounds to further their education and realize their aspirations in the legal field, while lessening their financial burdens.”

Mike Dee

Law School Relations & Diversity Recruiting Manager,
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

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“Right now, there’s a brilliant and hardworking student out there who wants to be a lawyer one day. That student sees injustice in our society and believes that if someone just gives them a chance, they can be a powerful advocate for change. That student knows that they don’t have the background or profile of a “typical” lawyer, but they’re undaunted because every hurdle they’ve come across, they’ve overcome. But then that student does their research and realizes just how expensive law school can be, and no amount of diligence or hard work can overcome that financial barrier. But, if during the course of their research, that student stumbles upon an opportunity like the LMJ Scholarship – a scholarship that helps ease the burden of law school expenses and fosters a pipeline of diverse legal talent aimed at individuals just like that student– suddenly, those dreams of being a lawyer seem possible once again. Participating on this committee is my way of thanking those who took a chance on me and to try to find and help those students who have made it this far, but just need a little more support to make their dreams a reality.”

George Gonzalez

Director & Sr Corporate Counsel Business and Government Services,
LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc.

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“I graduated from High School in 1995 with no plans for my next steps. During my senior year, I signed up to join the US Marine Corps. I thought I would spend four years in the military and then take advantage of the GI Bill. Unfortunately, two weeks prior to graduating, I developed a medical condition that resulted in my discharge from the Marines before I made it to boot camp. I spent the next two years taking classes at a local community college, but eventually had to withdraw because my car broke down and I did not have the money to fix it.

In the summer of 1998, I received a telephone call from my father that changed the course of my life. Dad finally received a 100% disability rating from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. He suffered tremendously to get this rating, but his disability rating now meant he would be more financially secure, and I was entitled to receive help from the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) program. The DEA program paid for the remainder of my undergraduate studies and a portion of my law school tuition.

Without the DEA scholarship, I really don’t know where I would be today. My experience made me passionate about finding hard working, motivated individuals, and getting them resources they need to succeed. I’m really looking forward to being a part of the 2021 LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee. Please let me know if you need additional information.”

Stephen Kampmeier

Associate Director, Emerging Growth & Incubation Group,
Intel Corporation

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“Intel’s vision is to cultivate a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative team to achieve excellent business results for Intel. We achieve this vision by attracting, developing, & advancing diverse talent inside and outside of Intel. Intel participates in the LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee because together everyone achieves more. #IAMINTEL”

Neel Limaye

Commercial Counsel,

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“Participating in the LMJ Scholarship Committee is important to me because diversity in the legal profession creates a path to a more just legal system. Programs like these have the power to change lives and make our world a better place.”

Malaika Lindo

Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion,
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP

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“Since I joined the legal community, I have been a big fan of the MCCA’s vision and contribution to the legal industry. I look forward to participating in the LMJ Scholarship Committee because I am deeply connected to the experience of being a first generation lawyer and know the importance and value that this scholarship and network will provide each recipient. I was the direct beneficiary of a wonderful law school pipeline initiative and scholarship. Individuals dedicated to diversifying the legal industry made the path to and through law school accessible. Later, they were my network of trusted advisors that provided me access, information, and resources that changed the trajectory of my professional career. I look forward to following in their footsteps and contributing to the efforts of LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee.”

Hisham Masri

Employment Counsel,
Flowserve Corporation

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“Financial hardship is one of the largest barriers of entry into the legal profession. The Minority Corporate Counsel Association provides a direct solution to this problem by providing a scholarship, and I am privileged to provide input about selecting the recipient. It is my hope that the scholarship will motivate and inspire a deemed diverse attorney to pursue a legal education and make their pursuit of that opportunity easier.”

Fatema Merchant

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP

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“When I think about my parents’ story – immigrating to the United States for a better life for me and my brother and my sister, I think of the moments where my father got an opportunity or where he fought for one, where someone took an interest in him or he passionately pursued an interest. In my life, I think of those moments too – and I am so thankful for those opportunities and those people who took an interest in me and supported me. I want to participate in the selection committee because there are so many young, talented, hardworking, passionate students of color who are seeking that opportunity and seeking that person to give them a chance. I am honored and humbled to be able to be part of providing this amazing, valuable opportunity to diverse students to support them in their careers.”

Andrea Moody Turner

Counsel, Product Litigation & Autonomous Vehicles,
General Motors

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“Participating in the LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee is important to me because it is absolutely necessary for diverse future lawyers to have champions throughout their journey – even if that champion is unknown. I am well aware of the privilege I hold as a fellow diverse attorney and welcome the opportunity to to be a champion – even if it is an unknown champion – for a deserving law student. Participating on the LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee provides me the platform to both be a champion and an active participant in helping to to ensure that the legal profession continues to be open and inviting to all.”

Natasha Newberry

Corporate Counsel,

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“It is important for me to be part of any opportunity that is geared towards providing minority law students with the support they need to become successful thriving attorneys. I believe that supporting, encouraging and empowering minorities to enter the legal profession is the only way we can begin to transform it.”

Thomasina Poirot

Venable LLP

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“As a member of Venable’s hiring committee, I have interviewed hundreds of outstanding law students, including minority candidates. Awarding students scholarship opportunities—along with guidance and mentorship—allows these future leaders the ability to concentrate on their legal careers and give back to the community with less financial worries. I’m happy to be a part of it!”

Jamy Sullivan

Executive Director,
Robert Half

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“Robert Half, who founded our company, believed in equal opportunity in the workplace and lobbied against racial discrimination in the staffing industry. While others were hesitant to voice their beliefs, he was not afraid to take a stand and led successful efforts to eliminate separate gender-specific job listings in major newspapers. Diversity remains part of the fabric of our company to this day. Robert Half is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, and I believe we all are socially responsible for actively supporting these efforts in the workplace and the communities we serve. Thank you for the opportunity to support future leaders in the legal field.”

Monica Thurman

Associate General Counsel, Enterprise Compliance & Privacy,
Thomson Reuters

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“I want to empower these students by opening doors that may not have been otherwise available to them. Opening doors to opportunity through the LMJ Scholarship, helps to play a critical role in promoting diversity, equity, and most importantly inclusion.”

Christy Tinnes

Christy Tinnes

Groom Law Group

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“Groom has sponsored an LMJ Scholar for a number of years. As part of that, I have served on the selection committee several times. I am always inspired and humbled by the stories I read from students with innovative ideas, enthusiasm for the future, and, in many cases, a challenging circumstance that has led them to pursue a career in law. I have even gotten to meet some of the LMJ Scholars and remembered reading their stories. Groom is proud to play a part in creating a pathway for these deserving students – and so am I.”

Christy Tinnes

Rachael Vaughn

Senior Counsel, Payments and Emerging Markets,
Google LLC

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“Participating in the LMJ Scholarship Committee is important to me because the legal profession lags behind other skilled professions when it comes to representation and progression of minorities and underrepresented populations. These types of pipeline programs do early work to shape what the legal profession will look like in the future.”

Christy Tinnes

Ursula Willie

Senior Attorney,
United Services Automobile Association, Inc. “USAA”

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“Participating in the LMJ Scholarship Selection Committee is important to me because advancing the equity for and representation of minorities is vital to the health of the legal industry. One way to accomplish this, is through investing in minority law students to have a more diverse talent pool for future employers.”

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