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Keniece Gray

Keniece Gray

2020 LMJ Scholar Recipient

Chevron Scholar
Georgetown University Law Center

Keniece Gray is a champion for progress and a first-generation law student on a mission to diversify the legal profession in pursuit of justice. Born and raised in one of the nation’s most impoverished cities, Cleveland, Ohio, Keniece has long observed the protracted consequences of systemic oppression and aspires to build a tri-sector career legal remediating inequity in academia and the workforce. She is currently a first-year law student and Business Law Scholar at Georgetown University Law Center where she serves as the Black Law Students Association (BLSA) 1L Representative.

A 2017 graduate of Case Western Reserve University (Case) Master of Accountancy Program and 2020 graduate of Cleveland State University’s Master of Public Administration, Keniece understands the value of investment in education and development and dedicates her time outside of work and school to uplifting underrepresented scholars. Some of Keniece’s most impactful pipeline work includes founding a leadership development program for youth and young professionals; spearheading a campaign to raise more than $75,000 for underrepresented student scholarships, publishing resources for Black and Brown college students, and implementing inaugural board diversity assessments for nonprofits in underserved communities. She has spoken at national conferences on a variety of topics including women’s empowerment, millennial professional development, postsecondary education readiness, and pay equity.

Keniece plans to continue embracing her ardor for social activism to advance her career and inspire others. She is interested in providing legal counsel in the areas of employment and labor, education, government regulations, nonprofit, and general corporate law.

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