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John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. (Boston, MA)

John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. (Boston, MA)

2002 Employer of Choice Winner

Northeast Region

Wayne Budd
General Counsel

John Hancock is a proven leader in diversity. Its legal department is one of only 23 Fortune 500 companies that is headed by a person of color.

At John Hancock, female and minority attorneys account for 54 percent of the 49 attorneys in the legal sector. Of the 10 attorneys that report directly to its General Counsel, Wayne Budd, 20 percent are minorities and 30 percent are women. These outstanding numbers are the result of aggressive recruitment and retention initiatives at the company.

John Hancock’s programs are centered on one main goal: to create and maintain an inclusive environment. The company truly understands that a workplace that embraces diversity leads to a business that can compete successfully in a changing and diverse marketplace.

As a result of this understanding, John Hancock constantly strives to provide an inclusive environment. The company’s vision is evident through its programs. The Performance Development Program (PDP), a continuous process that provides a consistent and definitive method of assessing development, is based on open communication, personal risk-taking, teamwork, innovation, and valuing an environment that fosters integrity and diversity.

Another program, the corporate mentoring program, provides a unique opportunity to a cross-section of individuals to enhance their career by promoting channels of communication between groups that may have been previously isolated.

During the last 18 months, John Hancock has doubled the number of minority-owned firms retained to provide legal services, and has increased the number of minority counsel assigned to work on its legal matters by 500 percent. In addition, the company’s law sector has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of students, aspiring minority lawyers, and citizens in its community.

Through these and other programs, John Hancock has made clear that being committed to diversity is a prerequisite for those who desire to do business with the company. At John Hancock, diversity includes meeting the work and life needs of its employees. From its nationally recognized on-site day care center to its leadership position on issues such as extending benefits to domestic partners, the company has a national reputation for promoting inclusion and diversity through benefits that attract and retain people from all backgrounds and lifestyles.

John Hancock has been honored by several organizations. Among these honors have been the Arnold Z. Rosoff Award for Excellence in Diversity and the Black & White Boston award for Hancock’s strong presence in the inner city.

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From the December 2002 issue of Diversity & The Bar®

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