MCCA Diversity Career Expo

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2019 Pathways Champion Sponsor

We know that in today’s world, career development and career mobility are closely intertwined, which is why we are offering an opportunity for our members to connect with each other in many different forums.

In 2017, MCCA launched the Diversity Career Expo at our annual Creating Pathways to Diversity Conference with great success. Prospective corporate employers connected with diverse talent from all over the country while promoting their legal department as an employer of choice. It was a fantastic opportunity for prospective candidates to learn about the different corporations, conduct informational interviews and learn why our member organizations may be an employer of choice and the key to their career development.

The 2019 Diversity Career Expo was hosted at the 2019 Creating Pathways to Diversity Conference in New York on October 14-15 and was a forum for both parties to connect and learn more about each other.

Amazon Informational Interview Blitz

Amazon once again partnered with MCCA to host its “Amazon Informational Interview Blitz” and met with individuals interested in exploring opportunities with Amazon Legal at the Creating Pathways to Diversity Conference.

The Amazon Informational Interview Blitz was held over all three days of the Pathways Conference.

2019 Diversity Career Expo Participating Companies

2018 Diversity Career Expo Participating Companies

2017 Participating Companies

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