MCCA Diversity Career Expo

We know that in today’s world, career development and career mobility are closely intertwined, which is why we are offering an opportunity for our members to connect with each other in many different forums.

In 2017, MCCA relaunched the Diversity Career Expo at our annual Creating Pathways to Diversity Conference where prospective corporate employers connected with diverse talent from all over the country while promoting their legal department as an employer of choice. It was a fantastic opportunity for prospective candidates to learn about the different corporations, conduct informational interviews and learn why our member organizations may be an Employer of Choice and the key to their career development.

Please join us again as we host the Diversity Expo at the 2018 Creating Pathways to Diversity Conference in New York. Please keep in mind that any meeting does not in any way imply or guarantee an interview or a position. But, it is a forum for both parties to connect and learn more about each other.

We will also be posting current job openings at Pathways on the exhibit floor, on our conference mobile app, and all participating employers will receive digital copies of the submitted resumes before the Diversity Career Expo.

If you are a prospective job candidate or simply want to learn more about your career mobility, please register here: Pathways Conference Registration. Once you have registered (or if you have already registered) please submit your resume as a PDF file (last name, first name) to indicating your interest in participating in the MCCA Diversity Career Expo. The deadline for resume submissions is September 24, 2018, no later than 8pm ET. This is a strict deadline. If you do not submit your resume by the due date in the correct format noted above, your resume will not be submitted digitally to participating employers.

If you are an interested prospective corporate employer, who may or may not have a current open requisition but, would like to connect with diverse talent for current open opportunities or long term planning please contact Sophia Piliouras at for more details.

Amazon Diversity Career Expo Interviews

Amazon has partnered with MCCA and will be conducting confidential interviews with qualified candidates at MCCA’s 2018 Diversity Career Expo. If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with Amazon Legal, please complete this form.

*Applicants must register and attend Creating Pathways to Diversity Conference in order to be considered.
**We strongly encourage you to apply prior to September 10th to be considered for an interview at the event.

2018 Diversity Career Expo Participating Companies

2017 Participating Companies

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