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Spring 2018

Welcome to the new look of Diversity & The Bar magazine. As MCCA enters its twenty first year its mission is more crucial than ever. Society is more aware of diversity and inclusion, but there are also deep divisions; lawyers have always had a pivotal role in driving forward the discourse of equality and that’s more critical now than ever before.

This quarter we reflect on what MCCA’s mission means by hearing from some key architects of that mission such as Tom Sager and A.B. Cruz. We also hear from a range of founders, members and supporters of MCCA as to “What MCCA Means to Me.”

In our feature, “This is A Man’s World”, we explore how the female superstars of M&A navigate a practice that has traditionally had much greater gender imbalance than many others. In “Ain’t I a Woman: Intersectionality and the Workplace”, we look at how organizations can implement theories of intersectionality.

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MCCA’s Annual List of Rainmakers proves that the profession has talented lawyers who also have valuable business development skills.

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MCCA’s Annual List of Rising Stars proves that the profession has upcoming talent committed to improving his/her community.


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The flagship publication of the Minority Corporate Counsel association, Diversity and The Bar® lets you turn your workplace diversity and inclusion into a business advantage. Diversity and The Bar® advocates the advancement of talented diverse attorneys in the nation’s law firms and corporate legal departments. Promote your diversity initiatives and impress a high-powered audience that values and supports your diversity initiatives.

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