Employer of Choice Award

MCCA’s vision is to make the next generation of legal leaders as diverse as the world we live in. One way we strive to accomplish this goal is to recognize and honor outstanding law departments that are leading the charge in change and helping diverse attorneys break through the concrete ceiling. The Employer of Choice Award (the “EOC”) is designed to spotlight industry-leading Fortune 1000 corporate legal departments who have succeeded in creating, implementing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive corporate legal department.

The Employer of Choice Award is based on the concept behind the Creating Pathways to Diversity Research Project (the “Pathways Project”), which was a three-year effort to study how corporate law departments and law firms design, implement, and monitor their diversity progress. The Pathways Project revealed that, with respect to their diversity efforts, most corporate law departments can be placed on a spectrum from compliance with federal regulations to inclusion. Their transition and progress through these stages are facilitated by integrated initiatives that align diversity goals with strategic business goals. The Pathways concept is as follows:

  • Compliance brings people into an organization.
  • Diversity demonstrates an appreciation for their differences.
  • Inclusion creates an environment in which people want to stay.

MCCA publicly recognizes those organizations that are successful at recruiting, retaining, and developing, today’s best and brightest legal talent as the Employer of Choice. The selection criteria include:

  • alignment of diversity activities and principles with long-term, corporate-wide strategic initiatives;
  • commitment from senior leadership that translates into measurable objectives at the business unit level;
  • use of metrics and/or scorecards for accountability (impact, effectiveness and sustainability);
  • compensation of senior management in the legal department tied to the results of diversity efforts;
  • substantive training programs;
  • demonstrated institutional implementation or design of policies and practices that support people in doing their best work and developing to their fullest potential;
  • leadership through creating an environment that eliminates barriers to communication and encourages everyone’s contribution; and
  • formal programs or policies that value, encourage, and enable individual attorney growth and improvement (e.g. mentoring, skills development seminars, etc.).

The deadline for all applications is April 1, 2018.

To see how nominations will be evaluated, download the scorecard template.

2017 EOC Award Winner

Verizon Communications
Basking Ridge, NJ

2017 EOC Award Finalists

Bank of America

American Express Company
New York, NY


Discover Financial Services
Riverwoods, IL


Duke Energy Corporation
Charlotte, NC

 Strategic Members 2018

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