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Perspective: Views From the EEOC
Evolving Trends in the 21st Century Workplace By Cari Dominguez  Read Article

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A Compelling Case: Diversity Prevails at the Supreme Court Level
The Supreme Court’s decision was a victory across the board, which indicated support for the importance of diversity. Read the perspectives of leading attorneys, and learn what impact it will have on minority law school attendance and diversity in the legal profession. By Alea Jasmin Mitchell (September/October 2003) Read Article

A Diversity Self-Assessment Tool for Law Firms
Want to know how well you are really doing in meeting your diversity goals? This scorecard, prepared especially for Diversity & the Bar® by diversity consultants Novations/J. Howard & Associates, lets you assess the strength of your department's diversity program, and provides advice for fixing problem areas. By Audra Bohannon, Maureen Giovannini, Patricia Fitzgerald, and Nicole Robitaille Introduction by Veta T. Richardson (September/October 2003) Read Article

Perspective: Views From the EEOC
Evolving Trends in the 21st Century Workplace By Cari Dominguez, Chair, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. By Cari Dominguez (September/October 2003) Read Article

Above the Cut: Law Firms Raise the Bar
It's every law student's dream: a law firm partnership or prestigious corporate law position. But for many minority and women attorneys, it's a dream deferred. Take a look at how four law firms are helping their women and minority associates advance their professional dreams. By Alea Jasmin Mitchell (July/August 2003) Read Article

Lessons From The Good Black: A Case Study of Diversity Mismanaged
The book, The Good Black, is the story of an African-American attorney passed over for partner. Read about how companies can use this book to open a diversity dialogue. By Duane Hughes and Joan C.Williams (July/August 2003) Read Article

Corporate Downsizing and Diversity: Issues and Challenges
As the economy continues to shed jobs, how can companies committed to inclusion ensure that necessary layoffs do not hurt diversity gains? Read about how executives tasked with planning a downsizing can take specific steps so that layoffs do not disproportionately affect women and minorities. By Maureen Giovannini, Ph.D. (July/August 2003) Read Article

Perspective: Views From the EEOC
If generational diversity is not a priority at your company, you may want to bring it to management’s attention. Read about the dynamics of generational diversity in Corporate America. By Cari Dominguez (July/August 2003)  Read Article

Global Companies, Global Commitments
While Merck, Microsoft, and Boeing may not have much in common on the surface, each company is driven by intellectual property and committed to diversity. In today's global economy, diversity in language, culture, and race is a vital factor in remaining competitive. By T. Sumner Robinson (May/June 2003)  Read Article

Intellectual Property Superstars
While it's a common belief that intellectual property law tends not to attract minority lawyers, when MCCA asked its members and colleagues for the best minority IP partners, there was no shortage of names offered. Met the top four as selected by their peers. By T. Sumner Robinson (May/June 2003)  Read Article

Perspective: Views From the EEOC
In today's economy, it's the best and worst of times for companies committed to diversity. EEOC Chair Cari Dominguez advises companies on how they can remain committed to full inclusion even while trimming costs. By Cari Dominguez (May/June 2003)  Read Article

MCCA® Spotlights In-House Women-of-Color: 15 Leaders to Watch
We present profiles of 15 outstanding women minority attorneys who, through talent, perseverance, and hard work, have achieved enviable levels of success. These women stand poised to assume greater responsibility as corporate leaders. By Alea J. Mitchell (March/April 2003) Read Article

The Power Game: Issues and Strategies for Corporate Attorneys of Color
The rules of the power game are unwritten, and it is difficult to find anyone who can explain them to you. In this article, read about developing a personal strategy to succeed. By Judith L. Turnock (February 2003) Read Article

NAPABA Showcases Its Best and Brightest: Top Lawyers Under 40
NAPABA is proud to unveil its inaugural list of the "Best Lawyers Under 40" and we are equally proud to reveal the list in this issue as an exclusive. These outstanding lawyers are a group to watch! By Elisabeth Frater, Esq. (December 2002) Read Article Read More About the List

Recruiting and Retaining Attorneys of Color: Successful Law Firm Initiatives
To compete in today's economy, it's becoming imperative for law firms to establish human-resource practices that attract minority lawyers. We spoke with several firms and asked them about the lessons they learned. We took it a step further and asked minority candidates what attracts them to firms. Then, we asked, once hired, what makes them want to stay. By Maureen Giovannini, Ph.D. (September 2002) Full Story 

The Gay-Friendly Workplace: An Achievable Goal for the Legal Profession
In Part 2 of this series, we sought the advice of gay and lesbian lawyers at firms and corporations. We asked them: How can legal employer's create a workplace that welcomes gay and lesbian employees, freeing them to do their very best work? Read the responses to some candid questions and don't forget to share this article with those making employment decisions at your company. By E.J. Graff (September 2002) Full Story.

A Journey, Not A Destination: Diversity Efforts Underway at Leading Law Firms
Read about four law firms whose diversity focus reflects the international practice of law and the clients they represent. While each of these firms recognize that they have a long road ahead, they are committed to making a difference. By Hope E. Ferguson (September 2002)Full Story 

From the Expert's Desk: General Counsel Reveal What it Takes to Ascend to a Fortune 500® Law Department
This article offers valuable insight about general counsel at major companies. MCCA conducted a survey and asked key questions. We are now sharing what we gathered with you. Keep reading to learn what you need to know. By Alea J. Mitchell (December 2001) Full Story

Success Stories

Joyce A. Moran: Volunteer work helps Moran hone her leadership skills
Ronald Gray
: As one of the top lawyers at American Express, there's a lot that Ronald Gray can't leave home without
Michele Coleman Mayes: Mayes takes risks and stays focused on ultimate goal
Clifford S. Haye: Haye meets with top athletic teams and put together financing deals for new sports stadiums
Elpidio "P.D." Villarreal: An article and phone call: The serendipitous route to GE
Rich Nichols: GC Followed Varied Career Path to Pro Sports League
Diane C. Yu: From the White House to Monsanto, Yu Is Dedicated to Diversity
John Jin Lee: At Wells Fargo, Lee Banks on the Future of Technology
Anna S. Richo: Richo Travels the World to Manage Biotechnology Litigation
Linda A. Madrid: Taking Charge, Madrid Seizes Chance to Improve Diversity
James O. Cole: With His Strong Work Ethic, Cole Takes the Driver's Seat

Career Advice: How to Succeed as an In-House Attorney
Want to keep abreast of what the leaders at search companies are saying about building your career and becoming a success? Read what the search firm of Sivin Tobin Associates says it takes to make it to the top in a law department. By Vera Sullivan and David Tobin (June 2002) Full Story 

Welcome the Invisible Bar: Lesbian and Gay Attorneys (Part One)
We interviewed 18 advocates for the gay and lesbian community at corporations, law firms, organizations, and associations. We asked them about the obstacles and challenges that gay and lesbian lawyers face. Read about how these leaders respond to questions posed. By E.J. Graff (June 2002)  Full Story.

Not Just a Regular Guy
After you read this article, bookmark it. Why? Because you'll want to come back to  this though-provoking article on a regular basis to remind yourself that the term regular can no longer exclude women and minorities in organizations that are serious about diversity. By Scott Mitchell (September 2001) Full Story

The St. Paul Companies Manage Diverse Staff Attorney Program
Since the program's inception, attorneys at staff offices have actively recruited minority law students for internships. The goal is to groom interns for full-time positions at The St. Paul. (September 2000)  Full Story

Perspective: Views From the EEOC Read the second article authored by Cari Dominguez, the chair of the EEOC. In this article, you will read about why there should be full inclusion at every level. By Cari Dominguez (March/April 2003) Read Article

Perspective: Views From the EEOC
This year, the Chair of the EEOC, Cari Dominguez, will author a series of articles. In this article, you will read about the Freedom to Compete Initiative, which advances the EEOC’s mission. By Cari Dominguez (February 2003) Read Article

Overcoming Obstacles: Asian American In-House Counsel Network Their Way to Success
Over the past three decades, numerous improvements have been made in the hiring practices of corporate legal departments and even more opportunities have become available to Asian Americans. But many challenges still exist. By Donna Dick (November 2000) Full Story

Attorneys of Color in the Dot Com World
The explosive growth of Internet capabilities and electronic commerce has revolutionized the way in which business is conducted. As mature and start up internet companies continue to flourish, many practitioners are increasingly adding their legal expertise to the cyberspace revolution. By Danielle Little, Esq. (May 2000)  Full Story

Nowland C. Hong: Son of the First Chinese Lawyer to Pass the California Bar
MCCA keeps finding buried stories that you want to read about! This time, we found the son of the first lawyer of Chinese descent to pass the California bar in the 1920s. Read about what made Nowland C. Hong become an attorney. By Karen Restivo (December 2001)  Full Story

Minority General Counsel in the Fortune 500 (May 2005)  Chart

Lessons from the Leaders: Getting to the Top
The efforts being made by some companies to expand career opportunities for minority attorneys are leading to a new wave of law department initiatives to help everyone, not just minorities, to have better mentoring and career development experiences. By Stephen E. Nowlan (September 2000) Full Story

"All Asians Are Good At ..."
Although the "model minority" story, including its fundamentally stereotyped perspective of Asian Americans, is a myth, its power to affect Asian Americans—personally and professionally—makes it a reality against which Asian American lawyers must contend. By Lily Liu    Full Story

NBC Television Agrees to Increase Opportunities for Attorneys of Color
As part of a far-reaching agreement that adopts goals and timetables to increase opportunities for people of color at the television network, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) has announced plans to increase the number of minority lawyers in its in-house legal department and to continue to retain diverse outside lawyers. The agreement sets up a number of systems designed to bring a more diverse group of talent into the company. (March 2000)  Full Story

Asian Lawyers Gaining
Peter Suzuki, president of the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association and corporate counsel for Lucent Technologies recently spoke to Diversity & The Bar about the state of Asian Americans in the legal profession. (November 1999) Full Story

Movers and Shakers
The Minority Corporate Counsel Association is devoted to promoting and publicizing the advancement of minority attorneys. If you are a recipient of a recent promotion or have landed a new job, please let us know.

In a letter or press release, please include your full name, your new company's name and location, your former employer's name and location (if you've changed companies), both your new title and your previous title, and a color photograph.

Announcements with color photo should be mailed to MCCA, 1400 L Street, NW, 10th Floor, Washington, DC 20005. Movers and Shakers

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