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General Counsel Survey Reveals Small Growth; But Diverse Rainmakers Flourish

Joseph K. West President & CEO FOR THE FIRST TIME since MCCA began tracking women and minorities, our 15th Annual General Counsel Survey reveals that in the Fortune® 1000, 20 percent of these companies have women serving as general counsel. While this is a milestone for women in general, women of color are still underrepresented comprising only 21 general counsel at Fortune® 500 companies. Men of color aren’t faring much better: only 54 Fortune® 500 companies currently employ minority general counsel. The survey analysis and detailed charts can be found in our cover story that starts on page 18.

As MCCA Board Member Don H. Liu, executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of Xerox so aptly said in his interview for this story, “…this doesn’t reflect the country’s demographics. So, we have quite a bit of room left to grow.” Indeed it does not. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 National Population results show that of our total population, 49.2 percent are male and 50.8 percent are female. On race, the results show 72.4 percent of people in the U.S. are white alone, 12.6 percent are African-American alone, 4.8 are Asian alone, .9 percent are American Indian and Alaska Native alone, .2 percent are Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone, 6.2 percent are Some Other Race alone and 2.9 percent are Two or More races. The Hispanic population is 16.3 percent and noted separately in its own breakdown. These numbers only touch the surface of our diverse culture. Our corporate workplace—especially our leadership roles—should be more reflective of this.

For those of us involved in helping to foster a more diverse workforce, we understand the business case for diversity. How can we communicate and implement this within our workplace? MCCA has plenty of research to help you make your case. Visit for our various offerings or schedule “The Academy for Leadership and Inclusion” in 2015 at your workplace. You can visit for details about this 90-minute interactive training program.

Also, this issue profiles our annual rainmakers. Merriam-Webster defines a rainmaker as “a person (as a partner in a law firm) who brings in new business; a person whose influence can initiate progress or ensure success.” There are so many talented attorneys out there who are consistent rainmakers for their firms. This year’s winners bring a variety of experiences and expertise to the table. We hope that you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy showcasing them.

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